08 February 2008

Interesting day

So I fasted. Well, almost :) No, I did really well until lunch, which didn't happen until 2 p.m. I felt really good. I felt very energized and alert. I wasn't really hungry at all. I did drink a lot more water than normal and that made me wonder if I'm mistaking thirst for hunger. A very common problem. Anyway, I was feeling unbelievable good and didn't even want to stop working for lunch. But I decided to sit down for a few minutes and that's when it started to fall apart.

I saw the other folks eating lunch and I thought I could have just a little. I wasn't really hungry but the sight of food, you know. So I had some lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers - no dressing. I was not even close to full and I thought I'd be okay. I thought wrong. Approximately 2 hours later I started having a blood sugar reaction. Oh this is not good. At that point I had to either ride the shakes out or have something else to eat. I opted for an apple, after which I was fine.

In trying to figure out what happened I came to some realizations. I must have blood sugar reactions every time I eat. But, because I'm eating protein and some fat, I don't notice them due to the length of time it takes protein to digest. When fasting I can not eat, can't handle that reaction - ugh!!! I like not thinking about food. I really enjoyed not worrying about what time it is and should I eat, am I hungry, blah, blah, blah. I really, really liked the freedom.

So I'm going to do it again on Tuesday. Actually I'll start 6 pm on Monday to 6 pm on Tuesday. I want to do it straight through and really see what it's like. I could see this getting easier and easier though it wasn't really hard at all. Tuesday's there's no one around at lunch so I shouldn't be tempted.

So not a bad first attempt. I can't wait for Tuesday. I was going to start another one tomorrow night but I have my long bike ride Sunday morning and I don't think that would work.

Meanwhile, I've been busy working on bird club stuff tonight, I've been so efficient. Holy crap, could not eating heighten mental functions? I've read that it does, maybe it's true. Anyway, I have 2 computers up and running in my room here and there are cables everywhere. I should probably look into bulk cable I use so many of them. One of my things is to get this organized this weekend. Efficiency - that's me!!!

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GetBackJoJo said...

I admire your resolve! I can't go longer than 2 hours without eating. Actually, I'm sure I could, but I don't want to. :)
Good luck, Flo!
Don't fast for too long-- promise?

I'm done

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