16 February 2008

It was a very good week

After last week, where I just couldn't seem to get it together, and the week before, that I took off because I was burnt out, I was really just looking for consistency this week. I wanted to get back into the groove and the routine of exercising. And I did that. I got my 3 swims in, my 2 runs, and my 3 strength training sessions. I'm very happy.

Today I'm going for a bike ride. I'm also going to the Great Aloha Run Expo. This is a huge race and they have a very nice expo. This year Dr. Nicholas Romanov is here and is going to teach the Pose Running Method. I'm hoping I make that session. There will also be lots of great deals as all the local running places show up. It's interesting that this expo attracts all the local places while the Honolulu Marathon Expo is ruled by Nike and the mainland companies.. Interesting. Also, this one is 3 days, the Marathon one is a week long. I'm sure that's part of the difference. Of course, some mainland companies do show up at this one. Hubby is hoping that Mizuno golf will be there. He's looking for something specific and last year there were a couple of golf places there. So I'm looking forward to that.

Guess that's all for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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