10 February 2008

Not sure what happened this week

but I've decided that it ends today. I did not get up and go to cycling this morning. Today is Pro Bowl and Hubby and guests were up and gone really early to get parking. I'm guessing I turned the alarm off because when I woke up it was way too late. Oh well, that's okay. I've got stuff to do around here before the parrot club so I'll do that instead.

But whatever overall lethargy has overtaken me ends today. I've been reading some blogs and it kind of seems that a lot of people have felt this. Maybe it's the ongoing winter, we've been getting rain everyday and that gets so old after a while, not to mention being generally overcast and grey out. I'm thinking that's part of it. Not having a real training plan is probably another part of it. I just need to focus on my goals, get a training plan in place and execute it.

That's what I'm going to do today. I did some internet research the other day and got some decent training plans. Now it's just a matter of putting a plan together that will fit my schedule and desires. I think I'm going to shift my running to lunch time during the week. That frees up the mornings and the evenings for other stuff. I did it for a while last year and it worked pretty well, until my plantar made me cry like a little baby.

Alright!! I have to go shower, make biscuits, and start planning my training all before 10:30 because then I have to head out to the bird club. Busy, busy, busy!!!!


angelfish24 said...

Hey, I'll trade you my icky weather for your anyday. I was just having dreams of taking off to Hawaii for the beach. But you get your off days there too.
Hope your foot is feeling better soon and you get back to you cycling. I always enjoyed the cycling when the spring comes I'll get out there!

Anna said...

We all must have had a week like that. I recommitted 100% to everything today. Doing everything *cougheatingrightcough* half-way hasn't been working.

You're not alone. It's in the air. Good for you to end it and start anew!


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