18 March 2008

A rant!!!!!

I get so completely frustrated with people being inconsiderate. Some people do it blatantly because they just don't give a rat's as* about other people, and some people don't even realize they are being inconsiderate and that almost pisses me off more.

I swim at the Y. It's an older Y, one of the oldest on the island I believe, and the women's locker room is not great. There are 4 showers, they are 2 together, if that makes sense. The one shower is combined with the handicap shower. The handicap shower has a fold down bench and a removable shower head. Everyone likes the shower next to the handicap one because it's basically a single shower, you can get some privacy. I like that shower because I put the bench for the handicap shower down and put all my shower stuff on it. Outside the showers, between the 2 sets, are hooks on the wall for your towels and whatever. Across from the shower is an 8' counter top with a large mirror behind it for getting ready. There are some lockers on the other wall and some benches, but basically that's it.

Okay, so when I come to swim, I use the counter to get myself organized and make sure I have everything I need. I then take all of my stuff and put it in a locker so it's out of the way if anyone else wants to use the counter while I'm swimming. When I'm done swimming I put my bag on the counter, take my shower stuff, shower, dress, and leave. I can be at the Y for an hour and a half and my stuff is only on the counter for 15 minutes. When my stuff is on the counter while I'm showering I try to make sure it's all neat so as not to be in any one's way.

There are a couple of older ladies that come every morning and they are driving me crazy. The one, actually there's 2 of them, put their stuff all over the counter while they are out swimming. I'm trying to shower and get ready to go to work and they've got their crap all over the counter. Next, one of the ladies puts all her bath stuff, towel, scrubby, etc, on the hooks between the showers before she goes swimming. Now I'm trying to shower and I've got nowhere to hang my towel because she's got her crap all over the hooks. One day this lady showered before I was done swimming. I came in to shower just as she's getting out of the shower. She left all her crap in the shower, shampoo, conditioner, swim suit, and when I went to start putting my stuff on the handicap bench she got a little huffy and went and got her stuff.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?? Do they think they are the only ones using the locker room? Do they think just because no one's ever yelled at them it's okay?? If you have an 8' counter and you're crap takes up 2' of it, put it somewhere else. Oh, I just get so stinking frustrated. People do not think of anyone but themselves. Ever!!! It pisses me off.......
Meanwhile, swimming went well this morning. I was really pushing it most of the time and it felt good. I was also working on my flip turns just for fun. So I did 1000m in about 30 minutes. I think that's pretty good. Actually, not really but that includes my kicking sets (200 m worth) and my sloooooow warm up.
So I didn't eat any snacks when I got home last night and it didn't kill me!! Who Knew??? I ended the day at around 2000 cals. That's actually pretty good and within the range I should be. It was slightly high as yesterday was a non-workout day but considering it probably would have been 3000, I think I did good.

Okay, nothing more to say. I'm just so frustrated with inconsiderate people!!!!


Irene said...

Let management know and have them deal with it. Some people are just clueless.

Vickie said...

Letting someone know would be the ideal, but most likely these ladies have been doing this for a long time, probably are buddies with all the people who work there, and most likely you won't get much sympathy from anyone then. I was just thinking of other's inconsideration toward others myself as a pet peeve. The best thing for you to do is to make "friends" with these ladies, "asking" their permission--better yet "help"--in making space for your stuff too. That doesn't mean you don't feel like bashing them in the knees for being so rude, but honey attracts more flies, I'm sure you've heard that before. Once you are "friends" with them, they will be less likely to ignore you. Chat them up, whatever it takes, and then make your move when they are off guard. I can guarantee they are doing this stuff on purpose, so you have to be assertive.

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