17 March 2008

I just can't do it.....

I got up on time this morning. I had plenty of time to work out, but I just couldn't make myself do it. My legs are a little sore from yesterday's run (running uphill a little faster then you're used to will do that :) and I just couldn't get moving. So today will be my rest day. When I come home tonight I want to do some yoga. I got a new DVD to review and yoga sounds really good right about now.

So last night I was putting my food together for today, see - I had every intention of working out this morning, when I got to thinking about my weight - AGAIN!!! I eat almost the same breakfast everyday, Kashi cereal (currently Autumn Harvest - delicious!!), banana, and milk with protein powder in it. It a good filling breakfast that keeps me going until lunch time. Last night I measured everything out and calculated the calories, it's about 600 calories. Now that's good because I've worked out and haven't eaten all night. Then my lunch is generally pretty similar every day, I've been on a hummus wrap kick. I get the giant tomato and basil wraps, 1/4 cup hummus, and tons of veggies. This is filling without making me tired and only about 400 calories. So far so good, right?? Then as I leave work I take a sliced apple and 1 tbsp of peanut butter for the commute home. Those are about 300 calories. Now I started doing this, eating the apple on the way home, years ago when I started WW. I had a terrible habit of coming home and snacking through until dinner. I found that by eating the apple I wasn't hungry and therefore able to resist snacking.

So when I get home after working out and being on my feet all day, I'm at about 1300-1400 calories. That's great!! Now, if I were to eat a reasonable dinner and be done I'd end the day around 1700-1800 calories which is right around where I should be. I could probably even go a little lower with no problems. But, is that what I do??? No, of course not.

I've developed this habit - AGAIN - of coming home and snacking. So now, I'm not only eating my apple and peanut butter, but I'm snacking too. UGH!!!! I figured it out last night and from the time I come home until the dishes are done, I can eat about 1000 calories!!! And then once in a while we have dessert!!! WTF???? And I wonder why I'm not losing weight??? Idiot!!!!!

So, starting today, snacking is out. There will be no pretzels, chips, nuts, nothing once I get home. Since I eat my apple on the way I'm never hungry when I get home, it's just a habit. A habit I have got to break. Also, Hubby starts a new job this week, kind of - long story, and so I've decided to take over the cooking dinner ritual. I went through the Clean Eating magazines (if you haven't picked those up you really have to, they are awesome!!!) and made a meal plan for the week. Yesterday I did all the grocery shopping for the meals, so I am ready. Hopefully, by having to get dinner ready I'll be able to steer clear of the chips and such. Now, since Hubby fixes dinner, I just come home and sit on my butt. This should keep me busy and away from the snacks.

I can hear you all thinking, just get rid of the snacks. Ahhh, if only it were that easy. Hubby and I have gone round and round about this in the past and finally reached a kind of agreement. There are no chips or snacks of any kind in the house. However, since they play poker once a week and like snacks when they play, he keeps them out in the patio area - his area. So they are not here in front of me, but I know where they are.

Okay, a short post has turned into a thesis on snacking :) Time for me to go hit the showers and get ready for work.


Anonymous said...

I agree snacking can mess up a program , we have to try to snack on the healthy stuff.

Vickie said...

Its hard, no doubt, to control the snacking urges. Its good you figured out how many calories you have been eating, because the shock value alone might cure you! I did this a couple of years ago, and then went and figured how many caloried a week. With 3500 calories equalling 1 lb., I concentrated on cutting out 7000 calories a week extra! That's huge, but it was only 2 lb. lost. After 6 weeks, it was 12 pounds. That was just eliminating all the junk I didn't need to survive. So I know how easy it is to go overboard, but keeping track helps put things in perspective.

angelfish24 said...

It would be easier to have no snacks in the house and that would be no snacking. ha. But that's not reasonable with other people in the house. The healthy dinners sound good. Tell us what you make. I'm always looking for easy, healthy recipes to make for the family.

Benson said...

Good for you taking it head on. Snacks can be evil little devils. Beat them back with a stick right away and you will win.
You're making great choices and will soon see the good results.

thanks for the comment and confirmation on my bottled water post. good to have your knowlege.

Anonymous said...

You're making great choices and will soon see the good results.

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