16 March 2008


So this morning marathon training began. Actually, it began last week but I missed it. So for me it started today. This is the marathon training group run by the guy who started the Honolulu Marathon. Little known fact, the Honolulu Marathon Training Group actually owns the name, Honolulu Marathon, the marathon itself just borrows it. Interesting, huh???

Anyway, we met at Kapiolani Park and headed out up over Diamond Head, and it happened just like it happened last year. Running up Diamond Head I got nauseous I don't know what causes that but it's very annoying. I'm not sure if it's the heat, it's hot there. It might be the incline, it's kind of steep. It could be that I'm trying to do it too fast, though the legs and the lungs feel okay. I'm wondering if it's my eating. I ate about 6am and we didn't run until 7:30. Maybe I was hungry?? Or did I eat too much?? Did I need water? I don't know what it is. This bothered me last year and I want to fix it before it becomes a real problem.

Anyway, aside from nauseousness the run was pretty good. The training is broken up into groups depending on running speed. I hooked up with the 12:00-12:30 group. That's a little faster than I normally run, but the next group is 15 - that's way too slow. I want to do a 10:30 in the marathon and I'm hoping (if I can ever master that damn hill) I'll be able to move up in a couple of months. I'm shooting for the stars :)

After running I went for a swim in the ocean. I have one thing to say about that, ooooohhhhhh doggie that water was cold!!!!! I remember reading somewhere, someone was wondering why there are no wetsuits allowed in Kona. Because the water is never as stinking cold as it was today. (Actually, if the water temp is above 72F no wetsuits are allowed). It was freaking freezing. One thing that hit me right away though was all that time I spent in the pool working on just being comfortable in the water has paid off. I did not freak out when I hit the ocean (well, I did a little over the temperature) and I swam around completely relaxed and played like a little kid.

That and housework was my day. I'm tired and ready to eat a good dinner and go to bed. I just watched a report on 60 minutes about sleep. Lack of sleep can cause diabetes, weight gain, memory problems, and lack of sex drive. I will definitely be going to bed on time and getting my 8 hours :)

Okay, I'm off for a little mindless tv........

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