What you resist persists....

I've been following along with Oprah's 'class' on The New Earth. It's really fascinating because it's a lot of the stuff I had caught glimpses of but couldn't seem to get a grasp of. Other things I've been doing for years. But it's interesting stuff. If you haven't read the book or heard about the class, it's along the lines of The Secret but not so focused on material things. In fact, it's completely focused on the inner self, be still and know. Anyway, one thing he says in the book is, what you resist persists. That is so true. Anytime I try to fight against something it never works out right. If I try to change something it almost never works out. If I just accept a situation and then try to deal with it, it almost always works out. I find that so freeing. Instead of getting so crazy over my car, I've just decided to accept it and try to find a solution to the problem. Now, maybe I'll go look for some
tankless water heaters. Those have to be the coolest thing since sliced bread.


Hmmmm, good advice I probably needed to hear. Thanks!

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