25 March 2008

I am such a freaking clutz

I had to take my car in this morning, somethings wrong with the brakes. Please send good thoughts, I can't afford a ton of money right now. So when I take my car in I generally ride my bike to the lab. It's only about a mile or 2 away so it's not bad. The problem is it's through a very busy area and Hawaii does not believe in bike lanes. As I got closer to the dealership I got more nervous about the ride. Also, if I don't ride my bike regularly I get all nervous about the clipping in and out. Don't ask me why, I'm crazy. So I'm getting more and more nervous. I get to the dealership, get the car signed in, get my bike and gear out and get ready to ride. I get to the street and I'm trying to decide the easiest way to go but my left foot is clipped in. I was thinking about traffic and not my foot, and the next thing I know I'm on the ground. Ugh!! How embarrassing :) Thankfully, the rest of the ride was uneventful.


Fe-lady said...

I absolutely HATE automobile stuff...even remembering when to get emissions testing and change the oil can just ruin a whole day.
If anything goes WRONG then the whole WEEK is shot!
Best of luck! Hope it isn't serious!

Anonymous said...

You are not a klutz, just a 50 year old infrequent biker. With more practice, you will be fine. I can understand your nervousness in riding in traffic. Recently, I took up biking again to improve my cardiac functioning, and faced some of the same challenges. Keep it up, the health benefits are awesome. Steve Kirk blogs on senior adults at www.theperfectsense.com.

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