07 March 2008

Why can't I remember these things??

I'm sitting here watching the sun lighten the sky and stain the clouds pink as it slowly makes it's way over the horizon. The last star is still slightly visible in the lightening sky, but it's glow is slowly fading. I love watching the transition from night to day and I love that it's happening earlier and earlier. Now, if only I was in the swimming pool instead of sitting here typing.

Wednesday night I was unbelievably tired. I mean I just felt completely drained. I took the night off from working out. Yesterday morning I was still kind of tired so I didn't get up to work out. I felt much better last night, not so drained and wrung out. For dinner Hubby had gotten this really good bread, sun-dried tomato and basil. It's delicious and I love it. I had a couple of slices. Now, I have not had bread in about 2 months. In December I realized it may be a problem and made a real effort to stay away from it. It's become such a habit not to eat it that apparently I stopped really thinking about it. Until last night.

I had a couple of slices with dinner and Hubby and I even commented that we haven't had bread in quite a while. Still, it didn't register in my little, tiny brain. After dinner and cleaning the kitchen and settling down to watch LOST, it started to hit me. The pain. As soon as it started I remembered and thought why?? Why can't I remember this stuff, it's important!!! Well, I had a pretty miserable night and woke up this morning in utter agony. So nothing as far as working out this morning. Ugh!!!

As I sat here typing the clouds have turned a brilliant pink and the blue of the sky is fading to a washed out blue. Not the clouds look like bloody streaks across the sky. Okay, time to get ready for work.


Anonymous said...

yeah sometimes when I eat certain foods I get agonizing pains in my stomach. And I turn around and do it again. Why do I keep inflicting pain on my self?

Irene said...

I feel for you!

I haven't commented here in a while, but I've had a weird work schedule and not able to get on line at work because we often lose internet access... Just wanted to say hello!

angelfish24 said...

I wish I was there to see the beautiful sunsets and sunrises again.....someday, I really miss that as we can't see the sunset hear. I mean it sets but we can't see it hit the ocean as it goes down over the olympic mountains first. That's one pleasure I really miss about living in the tropics.
Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well after the bread. It would be hard to give up good bread, I love it but I do limit how much I eat of it. I've been able to resist the cookie girls so far.


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