15 April 2008


Today I turn 49. Which means I've lived on this planet for 49 years. Or conversely, I'm beginning my 50th year on the planet. That's a long time. With any luck at all it will be a lot longer, but 50 years is a long time. I now understand so many things my mother told me. I wish I had understood them then. I wish I could make my daughter understand them now. But we each have to learn and experience in our own way I guess.

I look back on my life and think that I've made a lot of mistakes. But, in reality, my choices in life are what has made me the person I am today. While it would be nicer if I had turned out to be say, Bill Gates, I really, really like who I am. So I guess those choices in my past can't be viewed as mistakes because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be me. There are good things about getting older. I sure don't have to worry about looking for a natural acne treatment anymore. It's definitely nice to have that kid stuff behind me.

I want to do something grand this year. Not today, but during my 50th year on the planet, I want to do something grand. I don't know what. My mind goes to doing a 70.3, but I don't know that I'll ever do one of those and whatever I do I want it to be fun not pressure. I would like to do a marathon in another state, I could look into that. I would definitely like to go somewhere I've never been before, I'm going to look into that. Maybe do something I've never done before, I can't think of anything right now but there must be something. I don't know. I have a whole year to work it out. I do want this to be a very active year. For the first time in a long time I'm physically healthy, no major injuries, and I'm getting stronger. So I foresee a lot of races in the next year.

Well, to start the year off I'm taking this week off. In looking over my training logs, I've been training/working out pretty consistently for the last few months. It's time for a break. So I'm off this week while I try to figure out what I want to do. Next week it starts back in again. Now, I'm off to work.


Anna said...

Oh no!! I'm a day late!! Sorry!!

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I can't wait to hear what grand thing you do this year (in addition to all the grand things you've do in your 49ish years on the planet).

Vickie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And here's wishing many more! Keep active! Keep young!

momo said...

happy, happy birthday, flo!

Brigitte said...

Happy birthday.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful year! You know, you've done plenty of grand things already! I wonder what you'll come up with next?!

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