16 April 2008

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser finale was last night and it rocked!!! I was so glad to see a girl win, especially Ali. She got voted off but then kept at it at home and got to go back into the house. It was awesome. Also, she beat out some really big guys who had lots and lots to lose. All women know that guys lose weight easier than girls. But she beat them all. Yea!!! for her!!!! I'm happy for her.
It almost makes me wish I was still really heavy so that I could apply for the show :) The first time in my life I've been too small for anything :P

But it got me to thinking. Maybe I'll start a Biggest Loser of my own. Maybe that will be my grand doing this year. Finally lose the weight, get buff, and have the body I want. A while back I totally gave up the weight loss effort and I have to say I feel better than ever. I'm happier with my body and in a much better place mentally. Because I shifted the focus off the scale, I haven't even stepped on one in weeks, and more on how I feel and look things have been going great. I focus on the progress I'm making; running, biking, swimming, etc; and how things are looking; arms are getting definition; instead of the number on the scale. Maybe I'll start my own little Biggest Loser and see what happens. If I weight myself at the beginning and the end only I won't be so focused on the scale. Crank up my workouts a bit to really push myself and see what happens in a month. Hmmm..... Not a bad idea.

I've actually been tossing around something along these lines in my head since Sunday. I loved how I felt during that tri. I was pushing myself beyond my limits and it kind of dawned on me, I need to do that more often. What if really stepped up my workouts and pushed myself once a week - hard? Or every other day? I would do a variety of things to avoid injury. I'm thinking this is the way to go. Make every workout my last chance workout :)


Irene said...

I didn't follow Biggest Loser this time around, but I am GLAD that a lady finally won! Yipee!

I think the whole losing weight and being fit thing comes down to one thing, and that's feeling comfortable in your own skin, like you said.

Shelly said...

Once a week,"Do What Sucks at the Body Shop Until Your Eyes Hurt," which I call Dab The Wussy.

I am also thrilled that Ali won! What an inspiration to women, big and small! And proof that you have to build muscle to lose weight.

Vickie said...

I do believe that a hard workout every week or so is easier sometimes than daily workouts. But I just get into such a habit of doing something most days. Maybe it would help to save it all for one big effort.

Fe-lady said...

Glad that Ali won...I didn't stay up to watch the finish, so thanks for the info.
She's a cutie...what a change!
Ad I love her mom, Betty Sue, even more...she's about my age.

angelfish24 said...

I haven't watched the show this time around but it's nice to hear a woman won for once!
I like the idea of tossing out the scale. I wonder if I can actually do it.
Happy belated birthday! Sound like it will be a great year for you.

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