27 April 2008

6 weeks between marathons

I think that's doable. I do need to up my running though, I've been slacking on that lately. I'm debating whether to start today or tomorrow. I wonder if I can run more than 3 days a week?? Maybe if I did an easy run and maybe some hills or speed back to back that would be okay. Isolate my long runs and my hard runs??I will have to see if I can work that out. I think I'll work out a schedule today.

Right now I'm focusing on strength training. I want to see that through for the entire 30 days and see what happens. In a week I've already noticed changes and that is awesome. I'm on my second week so there's really only 2 more weeks to go. Maybe I'll keep the running light until this is over. We'll see. This program has me strength training 4 days a week for about an hour. That uses up the vast majority of my exercise time, but also this workout kicks my butt and getting a second workout in is hard. Super hard. Once this program is over and I scale back to 3 days a week about 45 minutes at a time, I think it will be easier to get more running in.

I started this program the week before my triathlon. That week it really worked me over. I was sore and tired - it felt great :) Then the week after my tri I took off completely and did nothing. So a week ago I picked up the program again and decided to start at the beginning since I had taken a week off. Last week's workouts were killer but not near as hard as the first time I did them. I thought, great, I'm getting stronger. Then yesterday I started week 2. Ummmm..... Stronger??? ...... Yeah.....not so much. Yesterday I thought I was going to die. It was great :) Anyway, I'll just keep at it and see where it all takes me.

Okay, speaking of exercise, I'd better get my butt moving before I lose interest completely.

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Michelle said...

I love weight training. Someday I want Madonna arms.

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