26 April 2008

X Box 360

This post is a plea for help from the bloggers out there. I'm trying to win an X-Box 360, a $100 gift certificate, and a 12 pack of MAXXED Energy Pops in the You Make My Energy Pop Contest. I want to win this as a gift to my hubby. His friends all have one and he won't buy one for himself, or let me buy one, but if I win one he'd take it. There are only a couple of games he's interested in and that's why he won't waste the money on one. Anyway, you could help me win by clicking on that giant widget on the sidebar there. It will be there until May 15th, when the contest ends, and if you click it will give me energy. I need energy. For all the stuff I do, working out, training, working, the animals, then blogging. By the time I sit down at night to tend to my blogs I'm exhausted. So I need all the energy I can get to keep going :) Please be kind and click through.

Now, if you are in need of an X-Box 360 you too can embed that widget on your blog and have your readers click through and give you energy or you can click through mine and sign up for the Keep Going Sweepstakes to enter.

Okay, there you have it, a sad, pathetic plea for a game system. I know, things are bad :)

1 comment:

leslie said...

I signed up so I can help you win a system for your husband. Best of luck!

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