10 April 2008

Facing Demons, the trilogy

So last night I did it again. Went swimming that is. We haven't had any real sun here in about 2 days, there's this weird weather thing going on with the volcano and everything - it's a mess. Anyway, no real sun translates into cold water. Very cold water. Plus the tide was coming in so it was a little bit wild, not as wild as it gets when it's windy, but decent.

So I got to the beach and because of the weather it was pretty empty. I stepped into the water and wanted to turn around and go home, it was really, really cold. But I pushed on. When I got fully in I discovered one of my problems. When my face hits the water the adrenaline surges and I think if I'm a little freaked out, that turns into a panic attack. I felt it starting yesterday but was able to talk myself down rather rapidly, so that was good. I swam for 15 minutes, because it's a 500m swim and I shouldn't take longer than that, and I never got warm the entire time - that's how cold the water was.

A few things I did discover:
- I am a pretty good swimmer. I swam out for 7.5 minutes and I made it a fairly decent way. I can't tell exactly how far since I can't measure on the ocean :) but it was pretty far. I'll probably never be super fast but I can hold my own.

-I'm a strong swimmer. I was making pretty good time going out against the current. I was surprised that I never got that 'I'm not getting anyway' feeling I often get in the ocean. Every time I sighted I was shocked at how close I'd gotten to the buoy.

-Once I get going I can keep my rhythm for a long time; 1, 2, 3, sight. I found that to be the perfect time to keep me on track otherwise I swim to the right.

I am well pleased with myself. I have 2 good outings to overlay the bad one. I plan on going out early Saturday morning before I pick up my taxes. I know I owe, I just don't know how much :(

Sunday is going to be great!!!!


Vickie said...

Sounds like you are physically and mentally ready. Good luck!

Anna said...

Yay!! Another great swim!!

Irene said...


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