It was a dark and stormy morning...

No really, it was!! Just before the alarm went off this morning the rain came. Lots and lots of it. I lay in bed thinking I don't want to get up but I had to go swimming. So I dragged my butt up and out to the Y. When I got there, there were only 2 people there. What's up with not swimming in the rain?? Personally it's my favorite time to swim. There is something about being in the warm water while it's a little cold outside and the rain is falling on you every time you turn to breath... I love it....

I hop in the pool, cause it's warmer than the outside, and look over my workout. That is totally cool. On Tuesday I did a time trial and entered my results in the website. They then created a swim workout based on my times. This way I get a workout that's a stretch for me but not impossible. It's very cool. I do the warm-up and the drills and I'm ready for the core part of the workout. I'm supposed to swim 50 on 1:16 (yes, I'm slow, so what????) with different rest intervals for a whole bunch of times. So I set out for my first 50, 1:00. Hmmm...too fast. Second 50, 1:05. Hmmm..... still too fast. This went on and on. I had to go, what felt like, really slow to hit the 1:16. I was pleasantly surprised. Towards the end I did get closer to the 1:16 as I was getting more and more tired. What I really like about these workouts is that they are completely doable for me. I get very discouraged if I can't complete a workout or can't get close to the times indicated, but these workouts are just perfect. I am tired at the end of the workout but not exhausted. It's great.

So it seems kind of odd that all the bloggers I've run across did not get into the Nike marathon. Is there some conspiracy that favors non-bloggers??? Hmmm.....makes you think.

I have a ton of things to do today, so I'm off to work.


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