18 April 2008

I've reached the end

You know you've reached the limits of 'resting' when you start having strange dreams and drooling all over your pillow :) I do not remember what the dream was about now but I do remember the alarm going off and me saying, in my dream, oh heck I'm getting up this is weird. When I did get up my pillow was wet where I'd been drooling. That's not good. That is the wrong kind of sleep for me. Time to start working out again. Luckily, that begins tomorrow. Actually, if it's not raining we may go play tennis tonight. Otherwise I'm going to dust off the fitness equipment and be ready to rumble tomorrow morning.

My general plan for the week will be:
  • 4 days of weights. Those are going to be the hardcore, sweat dripping, kick butt workouts with cardio intervals
  • 2 pool swims and 1 ocean swim
  • 3 bike rides, 2 shortish, 1 long
  • 3 runs
There is also room for some tennis with Hubby and some relaxing time. It's a tough schedule but I want to try it for a month and see what happens. I think if I really stick to something and follow through I will see results.

So that's the game plan. I'm off to get some work done and finalize the details.

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