25 April 2008


I can be such a dummy!!! I am a scientist!! I spend all day seeking or watching cause and effect. If I do X, then Y happens. If I do X and Y doesn't happen I have to look for Z. Etc........

Earlier this week 2 things happened and I did not connect them until this morning. Such a dummy. First, I was getting headaches. I got them for like 3 days. I would wake up with them. I think they were part of the cause of making me so tired too. Usually I know what causes these types of headaches but this time I couldn't figure it out at all.

Around the same time I ran out of artificial sweetener. I only use it in the morning in my coffee, but I still use it everyday. So for the past week I haven't been using any sweetener in my coffee. It just dawned on me this morning that this may be the cause of my headaches. DOH!!!

Sometimes I wonder about myself :)


Michelle said...

So you're guessing cutting out the fake sugar is giving you headaches? That's scary. I could understand coffee but fake sugar? Ach. Which one do you use? Splenda?

Pokey said...

Great Flo! Now like you, I am probably addicted to both sweetener AND coffee!!!! ;P

Seriously, I never figured that the sweetener could have the same effect, but in retrospect I think that has happened to me before too!

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