24 April 2008

Of course it's broke, I want to sleep....

This week I've just been exhausted at night. My morning workouts have been really hard. So, since this morning was swimming, I decided to sleep in a little. Around 4:15 I hear this beeping sound. In my sleep I could not figure out what it was. Eventually it woke me up and I realized it was the alarm clock so I hit the snooze. The alarm went off 2 more times before I realized it shouldn't be going off now, it's way too early today. So I woke my butt up and looked at the clock. Our clock has 2 alarms and it turns out the 2nd one won't shut off. So I laid there hitting the snooze until I realized that I could reset it for a later time, which I did. By this time it's about 4:45. My regular alarm went off at 5 which I shut off and rolled back over for a little while longer. The one morning I decide to sleep in a little this has to happen - ugh!!!!! But I do feel better :)

The new bird, Sam, is in his cage tearing up a stick. Apparently he's happy that I slept in too because I came in here and read blogs while I drank my coffee. He likes that :)

Trying to make coffee this morning I kept banging the glass pot on the faucet. I should probably get one of the high bar faucets so I don't break the pot. That's what happens when my sleep is disturbed.

Now, it's off to the showers so I can head to work. I'm really looking forward to Friday this week. It has been a week.

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Michelle said...

If you only knew how late I got up this morning. I need to get to bed earlier. Hey, a good friend of mine, Kristy who also lives in Hawaii is starting a fitness journey (http://journeybeginning.blogspot.com/) too.

Anyway, have a great day and yes! Friday is near.

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