26 April 2008

What exactly have I done???

Maui Oceanfront Marathon 2009 and Associated Races - Search Results

Name Home Race Registered
Hulihee, Florence Waimanalo, HI Marathon 4/26/08

I got an email this morning about the first running of the Maui Oceanfront Marathon. It's being held on January 25, 2009 and it's a point to point from Wailea to Lahaina town. It's along the ocean on Maui in one of the nicest months of the year. There will be whales and dolphins and huge fun in Lahaina. The first 50 people to register only pay $50. So guess what I did?? That's right. I just jumped in signed up. So now I'll be doing the Honolulu marathon in December and the Maui marathon in January. What??? Have I lost my mind??? I think I better go for a run!!!


Michelle said...

Whoa! Back to back marathons. Nothing like a deadline to get you moving.

angelfish24 said...

Wow! Two in two months, ya crazy girl? Sound like a good challenge. Have you ran a marathon before? I know you do the tri's all the time.

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