31 May 2008

Garmin - GRRRRRR!!!!

When I got my Garmin I absolutely adored it. I used it all the time and I loved it!! I stopped using it for some reason that escapes me now. Then, in April I rediscovered Garmin and rekindled my love affair with it. But apparently it's getting back at me for having strayed.

On my bike ride Thursday morning I stood in front of my house and waited for Garmin to get ready. Once he had his act together I hit start - I vividly remember this - and headed out. I always double check that I actually started it as I have gotten half way through a run and discovered I'd never hit start. So I got about 1/2 a block from my house and looked at Garmin to make sure I had started it and it was running. When I got to the turnaround point I looked at Garmin to check the time and it was off. Not stopped, but off completely. Hmmmm..... I figured I had hit it with my arm or something and accidentally turned it off. I turned it on and finished my ride.

The other day I could not get it to download to my computer. I would connect the USB cable and get the little bong indicating it was connected but then I'd get a message that the computer couldn't read the device. I had to play with it for 10 minutes or so before I got it to download. Annoying......

Then today. I head out to ride over to WW and start my 30 miles. I get near the meeting and realize I'm early so I head out in the other direction to get in some more miles before the meeting. I do a loop through a very expensive neighborhood and head off to my meeting. When I get to the meeting and notice I did a little over 12 miles in 59 minutes. I was pleased because that meant I had only 18 miles left to do. I go into the meeting and turn Garmin off since I don't want to waste the battery.

Now usually when I turn it back on again, unless I've downloaded it, it shows the last screen I was on. So if I had been biking, turned it off, then turned it back on it would show the time and distance of my last bike ride. I then could just hit start and pick up where I left off. Not today.

After my meeting I'm trying to figure out which way to go and I turn on Garmin and there's a screen I've never seen. It said BIKE with a time of 1:48 and miles of 14. I have never taken 1:48 to ride 14 miles so I have no idea what that was all about. I tried to switch back to the regular biking screen and got a message that it was in multi-sport mode and I needed to hit reset before switching modes. Huh!?!? So I had to reset and start over hoping that the first part of my ride was saved.

I just downloaded it and it was all there in 2 workouts. Why does this happen. I think it's time to read the instructions and maybe reset the device. I'll see what can be done. Maybe I should just trade the darn thing in for some gold cufflinks.

Meanwhile, my ride. As I said, I did 12 miles before my meeting. I got weighed in - down 2.8 lbs Woo Hoo!!! - and sat down in the meeting expecting to eat a banana and a granola bar before the meeting started. Notice I said expecting. I had forgotten to bring it with me. DOH!!!!

So let's recap. I had just ridden 12 miles and had 18 more to go with no food. Oh, this is not good. I then thought that I could ride to a 7-11 and grab a Power Bar or something only to discover I had forgotten my money too. Oh, this was not going well.

After the meeting when I started riding again I realized I was very hungry. I ended up doing 8 miles of rolling hills only to find myself totally spent and empty. I ended up going to my husbands work and waiting for him, he got off an hour later. So instead of 30 miles I got in 20 miles. Not bad but not as good as I'd hoped. The good thing is I'm fairly certain I won't forget my food again.

I hope your weekends are going better.

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Michelle said...

Down 2.8 pounds?!? CONGRATS!!!! You rock! I forgot my water the other day, fortunately it was a tiny little ride. Again, congrats on the loss.

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