30 May 2008

Where I extoll the virtues of gum......

I have completed my first week on WW and I think it went pretty well. Tomorrow morning is weigh in so we'll see if I'm right. I feel really good though.

One thing that I have discovered, which just blows me away, is gum. I bought some when I was sick because my mouth felt yucky and gum helped. In general I hate gum and hate chewing it. But when using it while sick I noticed that I didn't hate it so much. Over the past week I've chewed it a couple of times and it hasn't pissed me off. Today I was really craving something sweet. I don't know why, I wasn't hungry, I just wanted something sweet. So I popped some gum and guess what?? The craving went away. Wow!! I've also found that if I'm not sure I'm really hungry, chewing a piece of gum will make the hunger go away if it's not real. Amazing. Did you guys know about this all along???

Anyway, I'm riding my bike to WW again tomorrow. On the schedule is a 30 mile ride. Yikes!! I haven't ridden that far in a really long time. Yikes!!!! I hope my
life insurance is all up to date cuz 30 miles may just kill me :)

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Michelle said...

30 miles for you? Piece of cake. Oh wait, you have to step away from the cake :)

I hope your weigh-in reflects all the work you put into it!

Oh, my sidebar image, of the "Your life/no longer an option" is a Mary Engelbreit drawing. I've loved it for years. Thanks for noticing it :)

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