07 May 2008

Get a second opinion!!!

This saga began about 2 months ago. The light on the dashboard of my car that shows the emergency brake was on would not go off. Also, there was a hissing sound coming from the pedal area. I took my car into the dealer. A couple of hours later I get a call. The reason my emergency brake light was on was because I was low on brake fluid. The reason I was low on brake fluid was because my master cylinder was leaking. It was leaking into the brake booster and had corroded all the rubber. I needed a new master cylinder, brake booster, rear cylinders, pads, and some other things. Bottom line, $1,500 worth of brake work was needed. At the time (near tax time) I just didn't have it. I took the car back and tried to figure out a way to afford it. Oh yes, and they charged me $400 to tell me this!!

As I drove my car around from day to day I thought it odd that my brakes felt fine. Also, as time wore on I never needed to add brake fluid. I was thinking if my master cylinder is leaking I would need to add fluid. But no!! Hmmmm....... It got me to thinking.

About 2 weeks ago my car developed a bad leak. Hubby and I looked and looked and could not figure out where it was coming from. I took it in to the only shop that could take me, a Midas shop. They found the leak, replaced the part, and it only cost me $125. I had not gotten out of the Ford Dealership for under $400 in forever.

So today I decided to get a second opinion on my brakes. I took it to Midas again. I didn't tell them what Ford had told me, I just told them someone quoted me a huge brake repair cost and I wanted a second opinion. They pulled the tires and examined my brakes. They looked at the master cylinder and even test drove it. No problem. They could not see anything wrong with my brakes. At this point I told the mechanic about the hissing noise under the dash. He looked at it again, drove it around some more and said that noise was nothing to worry about. It's not in the engine compartment, it's restricted to the cabin. I questioned him about it not being a big deal and he repeatedly assured me that he wouldn't worry about it. He's a master mechanic and he drove the car twice. I decided to trust him.

So, the entire day cost me $15.95 and there's nothing wrong with my brakes. I am angry with Ford. I've decided I'm never going there again. It appears that all has ended well with my car. It just needs to last a few more years till I buy a new one. I just don't want to buy one yet!!!

Oh yeah, and that $1,100 tune-up Ford quoted me?? I don't think so.....


Michelle said...

the dealerships are a rip-off. I NEVER go to them for anything.

Benson said...

Good news. I love to hear success stories like this. Good on ya for being so dang smart about getting it done.

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