07 May 2008

Internet scum bags!!!

I'm getting comments that appear to be real comments on the surface but really are spam. I do not think you screen name really is cheapvegashotels, or viagraonline. I can be a little slow sometimes but those are not real. It pisses me off because I have to have the moderation on so these slime balls don't get through. If you have that much time on your hands that you can make up these stupid screen names and write real comments on people's blog, why don't you try a legitimate job instead of being the scum of the Internet??? And please, learn the English language and learn how to spell. I make spelling mistakes but I generally spell correctly. Your English stinks, many times it doesn't even make sense, and your spelling makes your comments almost unreadable. If you going to try to impersonate a human being, at least try to do it well.

Okay, sorry but they really tick me off. I had to drop my car off this morning to see what's wrong with my brakes. My Ford dealership told me it'd be $3,000 to fix. I don't believe them and I'm getting a second opinion. Keep your fingers crossed that it's not $3,000.

Wow, those spammers put me in a foul mood. I'm going to log off now before I really start ranting :)


Benson said...

Yeah, I sure hope your car fix is a bunch less than 3G. That's sick.

I feel your pain. I got a nasty bug that I neede an IT guy to fix. All because i opened a comment link. Never again.

I hope you're mood has improved. don't let a dorky spammer spoil your day.

Fe-lady said...

I think these spammers are not from the U.S. as I have seen some of their "syntax" and "grammar" which suggests foreigner big time.
Good luck with your car! I have to take the van my daughter drives in next week...and I know it's on it's last legs...I really hate vehicles!

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