27 May 2008

I do believe that I am back!

On Friday I had some big plans for this weekend. None of them ended up happening due to one thing I was trying to ignore but would not go away. My deep fatigue. Ever since I was sick, I've had a profound fatigue that I just couldn't shake. I would go to bed early, sleep in a little, I was even taking short naps at lunch, I was still constantly tired. I woke up Saturday morning and felt that fatigue and just got pissed. I said enough is enough. I was determined to go on my bike ride and ride this last remnant of cold out of my system. I was tired of being sick and tired. As I wrote in a previous post Saturday was tough. Sunday was not that great either. I took it easy all day, a lot of reading and watching TV. Monday I felt a little better when I got up, but still not 100%. I did some cleaning and organizing that I wanted to get done while taking breaks and reading. It was relaxing and nice. By the end of the day I was going nuts. I was tired of reading, watching TV, and hanging around the house. I took this as a good sign. I went to bed early last night and slept really good.

I woke this morning before the alarm went off, I haven't done that in almost 3 weeks. On the schedule was a 1 hour bike ride. I was looking forward to it. There is a loop on the back roads right by my house that is a 30 minute ride. I did that loop twice. When I was done I felt great. I did not feel exhausted. I did not want to take a nap. I felt energized and awesome. So I do believe I am back!! I'm not 100%, but I think I'm at 98.5% and that makes me happy. I hate being sick and I view sickness as a type of weakness. Since I started getting healthy I don't get sick much and I like it that way.

The bike ride was awesome. I left the house around 5:20. The sky was just starting to lighten up. There was no one else on the roads but me. I had forgotten how much I like riding at that time of the morning. I like being the only one out there and watch the world wake up. It's great.

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Michelle said...

your bike ride sounds like just what the doctor ordered. and it sounds lovely. good job!

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