20 May 2008

I'm trapped in the 70's

and I can't get out.

Okay, it's not my clothes, it's my music. My favorite music is classic rock and all the music on my iPod is from the 70's and 80's. I've decided it's time to move into the 21st century. I'm on a music quest. What do you guys listen to?? I'm open to all suggestions. I really don't know any of the artists today, well I know a few but not many. I'll take any help anyone can offer. What's some good workout music that's not older than most of you readers :) Any music input would be greatly appreciated.

Now, the workouts. I got up this morning determined to workout. On the schedule was a bike ride. I debated actually taking my bike out but I'm still just a little light-headed at times and there were some serious rain clouds hanging around. I decided to hop on the stationary bike, and that was a good choice. I rode for an hour but it was tough. I got sweaty, not normal workout sweaty but sick like sweaty, and I did get light headed a couple of times. I was very glad I decided not to ride on the road. But I did it and I felt pretty good and I'm happy. Tomorrow, we swim.


Fe-lady said...

I work out best to Zepplin, Hendrix....can't beat that old stuff for the driving beat to get the sweat rolling!

Vickie said...

I'm with you on the old stuff, Classic Rock, not necessarily oldies. Lucky for me 2 of my 4 kids like that stuff too, so when we ride together I can listen to what I like.

Anonymous said...

I never knew ABBA modeled for JC Penney

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