Pool Thoughts

So I was back in the pool this morning. Last week Wednesday I returned after a month off and promptly got deathly ill. So a week later and I'm going to try it again. Before I tell about my swim though, here are some thoughts that randomly floated through my head while swimming.

How come during the winter when it's cold and dark at 6 am the pool is packed with people, but now that it's light and beautiful at 6 am there's no one there?? I don't get it.

I can swim faster than the girl in the next lane when she's using fins. Hmmm... Course it could be cuz her legs are so far down in the water her fin tips hit the bottom in the shallow end.... Weird...

The lifeguard is young - 20ish - and a pretty good looking guy. I bet when he became a lifeguard he was thinking about young girls with hot bodies in bikinis. I'm pretty sure he wasn't dreaming of old ladies with grey hair and skirts on their suits.

On with the swim. I was supposed to do 2200 m, 4 x 5o warm up; 4 x100 @ 80%; 1 x 1000 @ 65%; 4 x 100 @ 70%; 4 x 50 cool down. Sounded pretty simple, nothing too complicated. Except that I haven't swam in a week and I'm still coughing and blowing my nose - a lot!!!

I take off for the warm up and I'm feeling pretty good. I did some drills, finger drag, catch-up, etc. It was easy and fun and I was ready to rock. I take off for my first 100 and realize that a slightly stuffy nose and a cough do not make for good breathing while swimming. I finished my first 100 and was panting like a dog. I slowed down for the 2nd 100 but still was out of breath when I stopped. The 3rd and 4th went the same way. I took a little break and headed out for my 1000. Ummmm.....yeah.....not so much. I got to 500 and was completely and totally spent. I literally could not lift my arms anymore, but my breathing at that point was fine. I wisely decided not to kill myself and called it a day. So my 2200 turned out to be 1150. Oh well, such is life. There is always Friday. Hopefully things will be better by then or I may have to look into some bodybuilding supplements :) I also have to get a short run in today. Not sure when I'm going to do that, at lunch or after work. Have to see how I feel.


Michelle said…
No matter what you didn't do, what you DID do sounds awesome to me! And a run too? No excuses for you. Let me know how WW turns out for you.
Vickie said…
That sounds like a pretty good workout considering you've been sick lately.
Vickie said…
That sounds like a pretty good workout considering you've been sick lately.
So, i will wish that, You will be a good swimmer and you will win a prize. Anyway, Thanks for your post.
Ellie Hamilton said…
1150 is good! Hey, you've been sick, you're not in your usual form. But even recovering from being sick, you're in better form than a whole lot of other people.

Swim on!
Irene said…
Thanks for posting about your swimming. I'll be swimming after I get the doctor's OK to do so, and I hope that's in less that 2 months.

In Califoria, a lifeguard, if they've passed certain certifications get paid OK, especially if you're a 20 year old and still living at home, like the kid you talked about. They have to know how to deal with everyone, including older women with skirts attached to their bathing suits. ;)
Comm's said…
glad you are feeling better.

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