What exactly am I doing???

I just purchased an Olympic distance training plan online (that's for the Tinman). I'm not sure where my head is at but things are swirling around. I want a plan with someone telling me what to do to see what it's like. I tend to put if off if I develop it myself and only have myself to account to. I am considering joining Weight Watchers again for that very reason. Having someone outside myself to whom I am accountable. Hmmm..... What's happening??? Oh well, we shall see where this leads....


One of my clients (Rick ) says if it wern`t for me keepig him in line he would not have made it as far as he has ,by the way he is doing really great ,20 lbs in 2 months ,good job Rick!!!
Vickie said…
When is the Tinman? Sometimes you have to put a scare into yourself to do things you wouldn't do otherwise.

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