29 June 2008

The good thing about a gain

is that it usually inspires me to really lose the next week. And that is just what's happening. I just got back from grocery shopping and standing in the produce section I looked around and said, 'God, I love summer.' There were so many fruits to chose from I was in heaven. I spent a lot of money on fruit and healthy stuff. I am all ready for next week, I will show a big lose. My goal is 2 lbs and I know I can do it. Exercise, stay within my points, I'll do it. Okay, just had to share.


Vickie said...

I saw that movie. Madagascar?

Michelle said...

I agree. A gain does that to me most of the time too. Unless I'm in a really crappy place, then it just beats me down. Good for you for taking charge. Whatever you lose next WI will be a victory!

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