Seriously, what is wrong with me???

First, yesterday. I ended up riding my bike to WW. I only rode there and back as I wasn't sure how my hip would be. Turns out it was fine and actually felt better then it had in 2 days. I probably could have rode some more but I'm glad I didn't push it.

Weigh in was not great. The scale said I was up a pound. I am not quite buying into it's lies and twisting of the truth though. There are a number of possible reasons why that pound showed up not the least of which the high humidity here that doesn't let my wicking work out clothes wick like they should. Usually after riding there I feel sticky but not sweaty. Yesterday I was sweaty wet. The humidity does allow anything to dry off. So I'm not worried about that pound, it's not real.

Sunday is my run day and I'm up by 6 because of the birds. I know how hot it was yesterday and I know how hot it's supposed to get today. Yet still I sit around till 8 before going on my run. I do this every week. Seriously, what is wrong with me?? If I left earlier it'd be a lot cooler and I wouldn't feel like dying when I got home. I wouldn't end up walking as much because I just can't breath. I can be so slow sometimes (I mean mentally not physically :) I mean it's not like I need a futures broker to see the weather. Or is that a psychic, whatever....

But I did get my run in, about 4.5 miles, with 6 intervals in there. Woo Hoo..... I got the house cleaned and soon a friend and I are supposed to go to see Bodies, the Exhibition. I can't wait.


Irene said…
One measly pound... probably water.

I was wondering if you were going ride to your meeting,and I was glad to hear you did it!
Michelle said…
Yay! On getting your run in. I like riding my bike to my meeting too. And I've had those fake gains before too. It'll be gone next week.
Vickie said…
Seriously, I have been in the same boat, not being able to get motivated. Part of it was being depressed, the other was being too tired, which probably came from the depression. I don't know if that's what's holding you back, but if it is, its hard to get around until you work it out.

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