I am exhausted...

I was sitting around last night wallowing in my satisfaction with the test when I spotted a mouse. Now I should clarify that we live in country area. Our property backs up to a very large creek across which are farm lands. Also, the back door is always open because of the dogs. So we frequently gets a random mouse here and there, once in a while even a rat - yuck!!! Anyway, I'm sitting at my computer and I see a mouse scoot along the wall. Oh no!!

So this morning, after WW, I started tearing the room apart. I had been wanting to rearrange and get rid of some stuff anyway. It's the computer/birdie room and it just kind of evolved, there was no planning in it. So first I took almost everything out of the room. I ended up getting rid of a dresser, a ton of old clothes, and a bookcase. I cleaned and scrubbed then put everything back together. It took me about 6 hours and I'm wiped out.

I didn't get my bike ride in this morning because I was eager to get this room started. But with all the work I did today, I'm sure I got a decent workout.

I'm tired also because the neighbors had a baby visiting last night and that brat woke up every 2 hours. I have nothing against babies in general, except that I want them kept away from me. But screaming babies are something else entirely. I only had one child because I did not want to put up with that. Why exactly do I have to suffer through it when it's someone elses kid?? I know I have a bad attitude about this but those neighbors piss me off anyway. If it was the neighbors on the other side it probably wouldn't bother me :) But, it has firmly convinced Hubby and I that when we move to Colorado we want 40 acres with the house smack in the middle. Then they could drop a nuclear bomb and I probably wouldn't hear it.

Okay, that's it, I'm off to bed...


Ellie Hamilton said…
Wow, I need to do that to our camper! I'd need to pull everything out of the closet, for starters. Gack!! Congratulations!
Comm's said…
Mistress was cleaning the back patio and came across a scorpion. The first we have seen at this house since buying it four years ago. I can tell its still on her mind.

Hope you get the mousy thing taken care of
Vickie said…
Well no critter really upsets me too much anymore, after having been infested with just about everything and anything that there is in West Michigan. What does upset me too is neighbor noise. If you are so loud in your house the neighbors can't sleep, something is seriously wrong! Why are you moving to Colorado?

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