Sunday morning....

Okay, I got some good sleep last night. I was so exhausted and there was no crying baby!! This morning though I still did not want to get up. I eventually did cause the birds were screaming for breakfast - spoiled birds :). I have a whole bunch more cleaning/rearranging to do today, so I should get moving.

I've put that video up at top for awhile because it inspires me right now. It'll wear off and I'll get bored and remove it, but for now it's there. At least you have to hit play to hear it, it does not come on automatically, that pisses me off.

Okay, I'm off to get things done around here.


Ellie Hamilton said…
You go, girl! You're on a roll!
Michelle said…
That song is on my cardio workout playlist, it's very motivating! A whopper jr without mayonnaise is a pretty decent fast food choice. I think it's 6 points. I hope your meeting went well. Let us know how the test results turn out, though I'm sure you passed. Congrats!

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