12 June 2008

I am hardcore

or crazy, not sure which :)

It rained so hard during the night that it woke us up twice. When the alarm went off I went outside to look at the sky. I had to decide whether to ride on the roads or ride my stationary bike. As I walked outside with my coffee the sky was clear and there were lots of stars out. Great! Clearly the rain clouds had moved off. I could ride outside and not worry about rain. Ah....the best laid plans.

I got ready to go and headed out. The back roads were a little tricky, the rain had caused some minor mudslides and the road was sketchy in areas. But I made it through. Then, in front of the sewer treatment plant, the road was flooded about 4" deep. Hmmm..... I rode through it on the way out but on the way back I walked around it. My bike was a mess.

I needed to do 2 loops to get in the time called for. After completing the first loop, things still looked okay so I headed out on loop #2. I hadn't gotten 2 miles when the rain started. At first it was kind of light and I thought it was water falling off the trees. Ummm.....no. By the time I was at the farthest point from my house it was pounding rain. The raindrops hitting my skin hurt. I could hardly see. It was crazy. I headed home.

I was supposed to ride for 70 minutes, I ended up going 55. I figure that is close enough. I had to wash down my bike when I got home and my clothes were absolutely soaked. So I'm either very hardcore and a total wacko :)


Irene said...

I'm sure you've seen my blog headder: "Obsessed is how the lazy describe the dedicated.” – A bodybuilder’s mantra... Crazy, nah. Hardcore about your well being is more like it. :) .

angelfish24 said...

There is a very thin line between hardcore and wacko...ha! My hubby after doing his San Fran tri last weekend says yesterday....I think I'll do another tri this weekend (local). Insanity or just a health nut? At least it's better than drinking. ha.
August 1 your hubby bday....we have 2 family bdays that day too and my father is a big golfer too.

Vickie said...

Probably both! I've had the same thing happen. While you're trying to ride out the rain, you're just thinking of getting done. After is when you question your sanity.

Fe-lady said...

You are one of US! :-)


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