A paradox....

Why can't I get it into my head that I can swim??? Logically I know that I can swim but I have it in my head that I'm not a great swimmer and I can't shake it.

I've done a lot of work overcoming my 'internal dialog' for the last couple of years. I've gotten it out of my head that I'm lazy - not even a little. That I'm weak - I'm stronger then most people I know. That I'm unorganized - okay, still working on that :) But it's in my head that I'm a slow swimmer and I can't shake it.

This morning as I was swimming I got a real compliment. The head swim teacher, who also teaches life guards, told me that my stroke was really good and that I was doing great swimming. She also recommended that I join a master's program. So why can't I convince myself that I can swim???


Irene said…
I have a feeling I'll be having the same conversation with myself about swimming in a week... It's been a while.

It looks like the experts think you can swim well! Keep that in mind when swimming! They noticed!
Michelle said…
It sounds like you've had success changing these core beliefs about yourself in the past. Now it's time to tackle this one. Work on your messages to yourself. Start telling yourself that you are a good swimmer and ignore the voice of dissent. And start saying that you can convince yourself that you can swim, because you can. You know all this, I'm just babbling :)

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