17 June 2008

Victory is mine!!

In spite of my body, I got up this morning and did my scheduled workouts.

When the alarm went off I did not want to get up. As usual, I was lethargic. But I forced myself out of bed and tried to plan my workout. I was supposed to do 5-3 minute intervals on the bike with 4 minutes rest. I was also supposed to do 3-1 mile sprints. Huh?? 1. mile. sprints. I don't think so. That was really hanging me up. I know I can't do those and I'm fairly certain I don't want to do them, but I couldn't decide what to do instead.

I did chicken out and rode the stationary bike. This actually may be better for intervals . I found I could push really hard the entire interval. When on the road I sometimes have to slow down for traffic, or suddenly the road will go downhill and I lose intensity. I think I may do my intervals on the stationary bike. I got a helluva workout this morning.

When it came time to run I decided to do just that, run. I headed out at a slow pace and decided I'd just run for 30 minutes. The first few minutes were tough, but after about 4 minutes my legs felt great. My legs have not felt this good in a long time. I also did my standard 30 minute run in less time :) I definitely did a negative split, on tired legs, and kicked it up a notch on the last quarter mile. It really felt like something changed in my run. It's a feeling I've been waiting for, especially after Sundays crappy run. I generally have a couple of not so hot runs, then there will be like a breakthrough and the running gets better. I think today was the breakthrough. I felt better then I have in a long time.

So in spite of the fact that my body is wrecking havoc, I emerged victorious. One good thing about approaching menopause; I no longer have to look for the best acne treatment ;)

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Vickie said...

I'm definitely finding that riding the trainer is far more intense than what I can get on the road, and I enjoy it much more. I want to ride hard but find it doesn't work that way on the road, and then I don't enjoy just slogging along at a slower pace. If I am going to spend time on the bike, I want to feel it when I'm done. Good job on the run. I certainly need to start doing more bricks too.

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