Why did I have to respond??

I'm out on my run this morning, which was brutal!! I chose to run along the highway here because it has a few hills and I stink at hills. 6 miles was on the schedule so that would incorporate 4 hills of decent size. Just what I needed. Now I'm running along a 4 lane highway, but the highest speed is 45 mph, and it's not that long so while cars speed it's not crazy fast. As I head out I'm running on the side of the road facing traffic. I should point out that there is a huge shoulder and that's why I like to run here. The shoulder must be 10-12' wide. So I'm running along facing traffic. When I hit the 3 mile mark I turn around and run back. Now I'm running with my back to traffic. I do this for a couple of reasons. The highway is way too dangerous to cross where I am. When I'm heading out the shoulder slants down to the left so my right foot is higher. If I run on the same side back, my left foot is higher and my back is not screwed up. So I'm running back and this old fart running with no shirt and earbuds in, feels the need to stop and tell me how dangerous running with my back to traffic is. Now that in itself wasn't so bad, but then I tried to explain to him why I was running that way?!?!?! Why did I feel the need to respond??? I don't know. I should have just said 'yeah' and ran on. What an idiot I am and how annoying is that man???

So the run wasn't so great again. I think I'm pushing myself to the very edge. That's good but it makes for some horrible training sessions. I should back up just a little to cover the last few workouts.

Friday I had a run before my swim and it was fantastic. It felt good, I ran good, it was a pretty darn good run.

My swim was okay. I wrote about my paradox and I'm working on it. I did pretty good, at least I was pleased with it.

Yesterday was supposed to be a 25 mile bike ride, but, because I ran out of time, I only got in 21 miles. They were good miles though. I pushed it but not too hard. I tried to maintain a steady pace even up hills. It was good and I felt great afterwards.

Today was the run. 6 miles. Again, I didn't get out as early as I wanted too and so it was pretty stinking hot by the time I left. Running up and down those hills you run in and out of the wind. So there were parts that were unbelievably hot. I ran pretty good for 5.5 miles then I just couldn't take another step. I walked the last 1/2 mile home. It was brutal and sitting here typing this I can feel it in my legs. Wow, that was tough.

Looking at my schedule for the next few weeks I can see what's happening. It's gets farther and farther, pushing me harder and harder, and then backs off to race distances. That's pretty cool, by the time race day comes 25 miles on the bike and a 6 mile run with seem like nothing.

Alright, I've got to go. Major house cleaning and room rearranging today. Also, taking hubby out to lunch for Father's Day, maybe try and find some new toys....


Ellie Hamilton said…
I would have felt the need to respond, too. I always feel I need to explain. I can never just be so comfortable with my choices that I don't feel the need to explain if questioned. Maybe it's innate, maybe it's learned...
Michelle said…
Sounds like you're on top of it all. Don't scold yourself for responding, it's human nature. Keep up the hard work!
Vickie said…
Lots of good training. Keep it up!
Vickie said…
Oh, I forgot, about the responding thing. I have learned to just say nothing or whatever and wave idiots off that bug me. Especially idiots who ask for money or a light for their cigarette while I'm running!

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