23 July 2008

I knew this would happen

Last night I reached the end of my rope. I had to get back to working out. I was feeling antsy. I'm not sleeping well. I'm tired a lot. I hate the way I feel when I don't workout. So last night I'm sitting reading and all I could think about was running. I had to read the same page 3 times because my mind kept drifting off to running; what I should do, how long, how far, intervals??; like that. So I went to bed and decided I was running in the morning no matter what.

I woke up before the alarm and lay there waiting for it to go off. Then my back-up alarm went off. What??? Usually the first alarm goes off and I turn it off. If I get up I turn off the back-up but if I drift off to sleep the back-up definitely gets me up. So why was the back-up going off??? Turns out I never set the alarm last night. DOH!!!!! Was I trying to sabotage myself??? If I was it failed because I got up anyway :)

So I did some strength work and then headed out for a 35 minute run. I walked the first 5 minutes (that makes such a huge difference, thank you Michelle) then started running slowly. I ended up running for about 25 minutes then walking the last 5 as a cool down. It felt great! The heel is bugging me a little bit, but you know what??? I did an entire marathon with PF. I think I can suffer through a little heel pain. I'll be diligently stretching and icing and I see the chiro tomorrow. It will get better.

I was reading a description of ART. The person writing said it was just like strength training. By pushing on the muscle you are disrupting the tissue creating a chemical reaction that will heal the muscle and make it stronger. I found that fascinating for some reason. So ART is like strength training when you can't do it yourself :)


Michelle said...

Anytime :) Glad you got out there!

Vickie said...

Good job. As long as you keep your focus, keep determined, and keep moving, it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Its really awesome post. So keep it. Thanks for sharing

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