17 July 2008

Sometimes I think Mother Nature hates me

Last night the heel was feeling pretty good but apparently things tightened up during the night. When I stepped out of bed this morning it really hurt. Oh well. I guess there's no running today. It's okay. I'm not worried because I know that ART will fix this, it fixed my plantar perfectly. Normally taking a day or two off wouldn't bother me but with the major lack of motivation I had going there, I'm worried. But I think it will be okay.

Well, I guess I'll go get ready for work. I'm not doing anything else :)


Michelle said...

oh no! I know what you mean about momentum, I really rely on it to keep me going. Hope the heel heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

Mother Natures love everyone. What you can do is rest for a day or so and then you can very well get back to your routine indeed! I wish your heel gets alright very soon.

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