A day about nothing....

I have nothing to say today. Nothing!!! Nothing happened. Nothing occurred to me. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I woke this morning to the pouring rain - again - and a pain in my foot. At first I thought my plantar was acting up but this was different. This pain was right on the rounded part of my heel towards the inside. Very strange. But it hurt. A. Lot. I tried some stretches but nothing seemed to work. Since walking hurt it, I decided to take the day off. Luckily I already had a chiro appointment for today (my monthly adjustment).

When I got to the chiro and told him what was going on, he started poking around my heel, ankle, and calf. Turns out the tendons on the inside of my ankle and my upper calf muscle are really tight and pulling on a bursa in my heel. He did some ART on it and then used these metal tools to break up scar tissue. He hurt me. He hurt me bad. He also worked on my periformis again. That hurt a lot too. I have to go back to see him on Saturday for some more torture. I hate to admit it, but it feels pretty good now. I'll be running in the morning no matter what.

That was all. Nothing more to say. Oh right, go congratulate Michelle for losing 75 LBS!!! She totally rocks!!!!!


angelfish24 said…
My foot is hurting too! From being on my feet all the time. Having the heel pain and now some inner arch pain...sucks...I'm searching for new shoes. Maybe a trip to the doc will be in the future.
Michelle said…
Thank you!! You're so cool to recognize me on your blog :)

I've been getting the pain treatment at the Chiro too. That ART business is no joke. Ouch! But it helps, so we do it. Glad your chiro was able to help.
Vickie said…
I've had both of those problems and they really are quite painful. You need to get these things cleared up and back on the road again.

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