13 September 2008

Progress is slow

but it happens. After a week of being tired and hurting knees, really all I wanted to do this morning was sleep in. Unfortunately, when you have birds and live in a place where the sun rises around 6, that doesn't happen often. By 6:20 I couldn't stand the noise and got up to feed them. Once I'm up and awake and have fed the birds they quiet down. Nice of them. If I could just come up with an automatic feeder.........

Anyway, since my only plan was to sleep in and go to WW, I found myself with a couple of hours and nothing to do. And, since my heel hasn't bothered me in a few days and I figured out what I did to my knee, I decided to run. Again!! Today I did a walk/run of 3/1 and I only went out for 30 minutes. Wow, did it feel good. Having mastered my Garmin, again, last week, I have HR, distance and pace for the run.

My fastest pace was 8:34/mi!!! When I saw that I thought no way, but then I started thinking about it. When I started running I realized that the slower I run the more I heel strike. Heel striking was a terrible problem I had to break years back. Well, I run slow and I heel strike. I've also noticed that when I walk fast I heel strike too. Hmmm....related????? Anyway, heel striking, as you may guess, hurts my heel. So I ran faster. The faster I run the more I land mid foot the less pressure and pounding on my heel. So I ran at a 8:34 pace. Granted it was only for 1 minute but I think I may be on to something here. I used to run much faster when I was heavier. Somehow the idea got into my head that I had to run slower. Time to dispel that myth and get back to running faster.

As I was running I couldn't help but notice how many small business for sale signs I saw. The town I live in is very small with only local businesses. It's sad. We don't experience the US economy the way the mainland does. But it's always sad to see Mom and Pop's closing up.

But, in support of the economy, I am very excited. Today I am going to Whole Foods. The first one in Hawaii opened on Wednesday and this is the first chance I'll have to go. I can't wait, I'm very excited. I hope to find things we don't normally have available here. It's very exciting.

Okay, I iced my heel while I typed this. Now I must jump int he shower and head off to WW. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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