04 October 2008

Technology!! I hets it!!!

I swear technology will be the thing that causes me to a) drink, b) go on a shooting rampage, or c) kill myself. It is annoying and frustrating and insanity causing. Maybe I should explain.

I got my laptop today. FedEx tracking kept telling me it would be delivered on Oct 8th. So they tried to deliver it yesterday!! I of course wasn't home and had made no arrangements with my nice neighbors since I had no clue it was coming yesterday. I hets FedEx!!! Luckily the local FedEx office is open on Saturdays for pick ups, so I went and got it this afternoon. Since the entire purpose of this thing is to free me up from the computer room, I needed to get a wireless router. A quick stop at Office Max took care of that and the gentlemen explained enough so that I was comfortable buying the one I did. All good so far.

I got home 2 and 1/2 hours ago and went to work charging the laptop and setting the router up. I just got it running about 10 minutes ago. I could not get the security on it to work with my laptop. I found out there are a number of wireless networks in this neighborhood and since I do all my banking and financial stuff online, I wanted to be sure no one could get into my network. But every time I set the security on the router I lost the network. When I turned the security off the network worked fine. Obviously I was doing something wrong. After 2 hours of changing things and re-entering passwords and yada, yada, yada, I was just ready to give it up completely. Then I tried one last time but I did it backwards. It worked!!! Who knew!!! So finally my wireless network is up and running. It has a funky name if anyone else sees it, and a password no one will check.

After all that, I am no off to....... I don't know....surf the web on my laptop :)

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