04 October 2008

Speaking of technology

I've used PKWARE for years. These are the folks who make zip. I'm sure everyone has unzipped or zipped a file of some sort. I know most of my downloads are zipped. That makes the download so much faster. If you tried to download the original file you would be days waiting for it to complete, even with a high speed connection. Not to mention security!! I just spent hours trying to get my wireless network secure. I won't want to put everything at risk by sending an unprotected file. With PKWARE's new software, Secure ZIP express, you can compress a file and encrypt it so that only the person it was intended for can open it. Very good idea!!!

Well, the nice folks at PKWARE are having a contest, Decrypt and Drive. You can win a Honda Scooter, a Nintendo Wii, Fuji bikes, gift cards. Sounds like a great contest. If you go to the site, www.decryptanddrive.com, you can enter to win the Honda Scooter. But if you download SecureZip Express, there is a public key in there. Once you enter for the Honda, you will be sent an email that tells you how to open the key to see if you are an instant winner. There are over 200 prizes so the odds are pretty good. Just head on over to www.securezip.com, download the program and get to work seeing if you're an instant winner.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. I know that we've all used zip compression or extraction and now it could win you something. How cool is that????

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