01 November 2008

First run in a month

So I went out this morning on my first run in a month. First off I have to say it was HARD!!! It's amazing how much you lose when you don't actually run for a while. I have been doing the elliptical very consistently so at least my legs were good. But still, HARD!!!

I decided to start slow. I walked for 3 minutes just to get the blood flowing. Then I broke into a light jog for about 2 minutes. Now it was time for the intervals. I took off running for 1 minute and it felt pretty good. At 1 minute I stopped and walked until I was recovered, about 1:15, then took off for the next one. I did not time the walk intervals, I just walked till I felt like running again. It generally took about 1-1:30 of walking to recover. I was cool with that. I did wear my Garmin just to see where I stood in my running and look what I saw:

Look at the low points. Those are my running intervals. All of them are below the 10 minute mark, all of them!!! Some of them are at 6:XX a mile. Hello!!! Even for 1 minute that is super speedy for me. I had something like this occur the last time I used the elliptical a lot. There are a lot of trainers talk stink about the elliptical but I think it conditions your legs in a way that none of the other machines do. My slowest minute interval was 9:xx. That is hugely speedy for me. I'm excited about this. I'm going to continue doing the ellipitcal but I'm adding running in 3 days a week. I think I want to run the New Year's Day 10k around the corner from my house. That's a good goal. Maybe good enough to stoke the fires of my passion :)

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ktales said...

That's pretty cool - fitness surprises are always fun.

I say go for the New Years day 10k.


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