02 November 2008

Taking a mental break

I'm working on my school work and my brain hurts! I've been writing a lesson plan since I have to teach a class on Thursday. It will be my first time teaching and let me tell you, writing a lesson plan is no easy task. I'm only doing one for one class. I can just imagine what it's like to do one everyday for a couple of different classes. Yikes!! What have I gotten myself into???

I was watching TV last night and I saw a girl wearing UGGS!! Do you have any idea how excited I am to get a pair of these when we move to Colorado?? When we moved here to Hawaii UGGS was just making it big. I wanted a pair like crazy, I'm a boot freak, but they were really impractical here. When we move one of the first things I'm doing is ordering a pair. Maybe I'll go to UGG Knightsbridge and order a pair now and save them for Colorado :)

Well, I should get back to work. I have more work to do and I'm way, way behind.

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Mia Goddess said...

Oh gosh! I totally remember that feeling...how will I fill a day??? About two days after you start teaching your class, all you can think about is...how will I fit all this in??? Ridiculous! :)

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