13 November 2008

New Year's 10k

Last night I looked around and I've decided to do the New Year's 10k. It's right around the corner from my house and it's a show up/sign up race. Not only have I decided to do it, I've decided to do it well. I have not been doing a lot of running but what I have been doing has taught me something. Somehow I got it into my head that I could only run slow. Now given, I'm not super speedy, but prior to this knowledge getting in I was running around 10 min/mile. That's not going to set any world records but it was pretty good for me. I'm not sure what happened or when it happened, but I got it into my head that I was slower than that. That's pure bull.

The last few times I went running, I've done intervals of 6 and 7 min/mile. Now I know I'm not that fast but I think that really shows that I'm faster than I think I am. So, last year I did this race in 1:22, about 13 min/mile. This year I'm going to do it in 1 hour, right around a 10 min/mile. I have just about 7 weeks until the race. I will have no problem getting the mileage up and I'm starting so low I should have no problem getting the time down either.

I feel good about this. I feel I have something to work towards. There is also a bike ride at the end of January, Sharon's Ride, that I'm thinking of doing. I'm going to add the bike back into the mix again since it really is my favorite part, and see how I do. I'll decide in a couple of weeks whether to enter or not.

Also, on the horizon, is the Great Aloha Run. I have done this every year for 11 years and I don't want to miss it this time since it may be my last one. Even though I do this race every year, somehow it sneaks up on me. This year I'm going to focus and train and break 1:30. I am!! I'm going to do it!!!

I'm excited about this. I realized that working out just to work out wasn't working for me. I need something to work towards in order to stay motivated and committed to the work outs. Did that make any sense???? So it all begins Saturday morning and I can't wait. I still have a few things to work out in the schedule, I need to get some strength training in, so I'll work on that today and tomorrow and Saturday it all begins.

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