26 December 2008

Hope everyone had a really nice Christmas. Now it's time to recover. I have off today and am not sure what I'm going to do with myself. I had thought of going to the mall only to realize they would be insane today. I may do a little cleaning and organizing around here. I don't know. I do know that I'm going for a short run and then doing some weights. Or is it doing weights and then running. I think the weights come first. After that it's wide open. Hubby is working so it's just me and the animals.

I woke up around 5 am with a headache. I still have it now. I don't know why. Usually if I get a headache I can trace it to something I ate or drank or did. Not this time. I think it may be a combination of lack of water, too much dessert, and too many naps the last two days. Basically a slothiness headache. So my goal today is to get rid of it and be active and drink lots of water. Easy.

I guess that's about it for now. I should get moving before I give in to the sloth inside.

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