27 December 2008

Back to what I was saying....

Last night I sat down to write a really good post. I was talking about a bunch of different things and doing some thinking, etc. It was really good. Then the power went off. Here it is 19 hours later and it's finally back on. And for some reason Blogger didn't save a draft of my post. Ugh!!! I'm not going to try and recreate it since I don't feel the same way I did last night. Ugh!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Wait, did I say that already??? The good news is after my workout yesterday the headache was banished. I tried to go to the mall yesterday since my bank is in the mall and I need to deposit my bonus check. I drove around of 20 minutes and could not find a parking spot. This mall is not that popular. All the secret out of the way spots that no one parks at were even full. It was crazy. So I didn't get to the bank. I haven't gone today since this side of the island was without power until very recently. I don't know if they will open or not.

For Christmas Hubby got me a bluetooth headset for my phone. I've never been big on those bluetooth things, but let me tell you..... I love it. I have the Instinct from Sprint and while I love the phone for all the cool things it does, talking on it is a pain. It's hard to hold, it's kind of like holding a deck of cards to your ear. Very annoying. But the bluetooth?? Absolutely fabulous. I can't believe how cool it is. I love it. I don't think I've been this happy with a Christmas gift in a long time. Not that Hubby doesn't choose good gifts. He really does. But this one takes the cake. It's almost as good as the Christmas we went looking at engagement rings. That's a story, our engagement ring. I should tell you all some day, it was wild. But not today. I've cleaned bird cages, read 2 books, I think I'll venture out of the house for a while.

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