30 December 2008

Not exactly as planned.....

My plan was to get up early and workout every day this week. Well it's Tuesday and that hasn't happened yet. I go through periods of being really tired and I'm in one right now. But there is no more beating myself up. I'm all about acceptance and just doing my best. So I'm good. One thing I have noticed is that due to my screwed up eating for the past couple of weeks my blood sugar is all wacky. That I need to correct much more then I need to lose weight or workout. In the past 2 days I've had 2 blood sugar reactions. That is not good. So it's back to basics No sugar. Or should I say, no added sugar. Naturally occurring sugar, read fruits, don't seem to bother me unless I over do it. But really, it's hard to overdue fruit. So we are back to no sugar, no processed foods, whole foods only. I know this is much better for me but having my blood sugar in check is much more important. I wonder what damage is done to my body every time my blood sugar is wacky? I know it doesn't feel good, I'm positive it can't be good for my body. So yep, back to basics. That could be part of the reason I'm so tired too. Hmmm, who knows.

Well, I do have a day or two of work left so I probably should get ready and head that way.

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