28 December 2008

My last week

At work that is.  This is so weird.  Whenever I’ve ended a job before I had someplace to go or something to do.  Right at this point I don’t.  I plan on changing that but it’s kind of like stepping off a cliff not knowing exactly what is below you. 


Enough about that, on to my weight loss efforts.  I have made some decisions about how I’m going to do this.  First and foremost exercise, exercise, exercise.  Since this is my last week I have no excuses not to work out.  Even if I have something going on in the morning, I have no excuse for not getting up early and working out.  So the plan is strength training 4 days a week (alternating muscle groups) for about 30-40 minutes.  Running 3 days a week.  Elliptical 30 minutes or so at night 4 days a week. Saturdays, which should be my ‘rest’ day, are going to be for fun stuff, hiking, swimming, biking, whatever I’m in the mood for. 


Second will be the eating.  I’ve decided to write down everything I eat but I’m not going to add the calories up every day.  That makes me crazy.  I start to get all obsessive and think crazy thoughts like if I did good on 1400 calories today why can’t I do 1200 cals tomorrow or 1000 cals.  Crazy!!! I want to keep track but I don’t want to lose my mind.  So journaling but not totaling.  Maybe I’ll total the calories once a week just to see how I’m doing. 


I may weigh myself once a week. I may not weigh myself at all.  I know it’s one method of tracking but it’s something I get obsessively crazy over.  Maybe I should stay away from it.  Or wait, I just had an idea.  I could have my husband read the scale and write it down and not tell me.  Then I can look at it when I’m ready.  I may do that. 


As you may guess I’m not particularly focused on weight loss.  I’m going for fat loss.  I have an electrical impedance fat monitor and I’m going to use that to track how I’m doing.  I’ve said before I really don’t care about the number on the scale.  I’d be happy to weigh 170 lbs and have 20% body fat.  Of course, I might look a little weird, I’d be a 135 lbs of muscle and 35 lbs of fat.  A little more muscular than I want to be, but I’d take it. 


My goals are to have 25% body fat and to run – fast.  Okay, fast for me.  I know that when I am thinner I can run faster.  So that’s my goal.  I want to run a 5k in under 30 minutes.  A 10k in under an hour.  A half marathon in 2 hours.  That’s not insane.  That’s not out of the realm of possibility.  I can do it if I lose some of this fat and work on my running.  I can do it. 


Okay, that’s enough for tonight.  I’ve spent the day planning and shopping and cooking so I am ready for the week.  I’ve got a good stock of fruits and veggies and healthy snacks,  no processed crap.  I’m excited and looking forward to the week. 


Anonymous said...

I am also struggling to loose my weight and now under diet plan. I have taken it from Ayurveda. Let us see what happens?

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I'm starting a post partum weight loss program Jan 1st. I hate running though, so instead I go for higher percentage of incline with a moderate pace.

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