23 December 2008

Some Decisions

After I wrote my last post I got to thinking. Thinking about the time I will have on my hands. The opportunity to work on my health and fitness in that time. The chance to work on me a little bit. Thinking about what I want to do. How I want to workout. What my goals are. I haven't worked it all out but I've made some progress.

I had wanted to do the 10k on New Years Day but when my knee started acting up I sidelined running, so that's out. My next event is the Great Aloha Run. This will be my 15th, and last, time doing this race. I really want to do it well. It's an 8.2 mile race and I have a goal of 1 hour 20 minutes. That should be fairly easy. I've sat tonight and worked out a training plan to get me there.

So I'm making slow progress. It starts with baby steps.


Irene said...

I'm right with you on the baby steps!
You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your New Year's day run..I wish i could try running too for a change.

Thanks for the inspiration.

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