08 January 2009

Sometimes you just have to say

Screw It!!!!

It is now Thursday and my 8th day of being unemployed. And it just hit me, can I apply for unemployment?? They cut me loose but it was kind of a mutual thing..... Can I do that??? I will have to look into that. Anyway, I was sitting here this morning feeling very down and looking for a job. I had basically decided I wasn't going to work out since I felt so blah..... After about an hour I decided to just do the elliptical for a little while. As I was getting ready I decided to just do the strength training that was scheduled, after all what else do I have to do??? For the last week or so I've been taking it easy because of my knees. Since I'm now convinced that there is nothing wrong with my knees (since both are involved) I decided to just go for it. I worked out hard today. Really. Really. Hard. It felt awesome. My knees didn't bother me at all and I was sweating and panting like a fool. It was great.

Working out and eating right (without being obsessive about it) has resulted in a 2.5 lb drop this week. Woo Hoo!!!! I'm clearly on the right track. Now if I could just find a job........

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